Service and maintenance

Installed base

  • Collection of registered service objects (serial numbers)
    • Delivered or produced by you
    • Third party objects
  • Recording and maintaining fully ‘as built’ and ‘as maintained’ structure
  • Installed base as a basis for:
    • Service contracts
    • Maintenance planning
    • History
    • Check lists
    • Warranty structure

Service contracts

  • Recording of service provision
    • Type of maintenance (preventative, corrective, subscription etc.)
    • Maintenance interval
    • Linked objects
    • Invoicing methods
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Umbrella contract at different locations with specific conditions
  • Monitoring maintenance

Service notifications

  • Direct call take from client
  • Relevant information immediately available
    • History object
    • Ongoing contracts
    • Warranty
    • Historical notifications
    • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Recording serial number, error code, description and status
  • Diagnosis, calculation and quotation
  • Monitoring based on status
  • Fast and efficient handling of notification
  • Mail notification

Repairs & RMA
  • Repair-handling
    • Fast and efficient handling of repairs from one screen
    • Warranty structure
    • Calculation and quotation
    • Monitoring based on status
    • Hour registration with start/stop button
  • RMA-handling
    • Optimal organisation of returns
    • One or more products

Sales with services

  • Including system, installation or IBS (commissioning) in sales order
  • Planning, insight into progress and registration using the dashboard

Service orders

  • Base for planning, implementing and registering of hours and materials
  • Service slip including
    • Planning
    • Work address
    • Work to be conducted
    • Contact person

Configurable check lists

  • Freely definable
  • Linked to object type
  • Applicable to documents and reports
  • Version management
  • Also available in digital handling
    (Mobile Field Service)

Technicians and maintenance planning
  • Planning preventive maintenance, service notifications (call take) and other services
  • Graphic technician planning
    • Automatic display of technician(s) characteristics
    • Planning of multiple technicians on an order
    • Repetitive assignments
  • Easy adjustment of planning by dragging service order

  • Planning, insight into progress and registration using the dashboard
  • Checking and correction of workslip
  • Fast and easy invoicing
  • Insight into (financial) performance using dashboards

Mobile & chains:

Mobile Field Service

  • Mobile solution for your field staff
    • Technician has current insight into agenda
    • Online or offline work
    • Digital workslips
    • Digital registration of hours and materials
    • Digital check lists per object
    • Digital signature workslip by client
    • Mail digital workslip and check lists to client
  • Easy and efficient handling by back office

Mobile & chains:

Customer portal

  • 24/7 accessible via the web for your clients
  • Giving your clients insight into, for example, notifications, check lists and status of maintenance
  • Registering errors
  • Handling notifications
  • Integrated with your back office

Specific functionality

  • Hour registration
  • Rental

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