STRATIX - Metal Industry ERP

Prodin Business Solutions sells, implements, and manages the metal service center software STRATIX.


STRATIX - Metal Industry Cloud Solution

STRATIX is the leading ERP platform for the metal industry. It can help your metal business to maximize operations, increase profits, and grow competitively.

 It is used by metal service centers, metal stockholders, plate processors, metal distributors, metal processors, toll processors, building product distributors, and tube mills.


STRATIX is implemented in over 17 countries and used by thousands of daily global users.  STRATIX operates in multiple languages and currencies.


Prodin's STRATIX Implementation Experience

Prodin has been implementing STRATIX in Europe since 2005, with additional implementations in Canada and the US. 

Our implementations have ranged from medium to large sized metal service centers and distributors.


STRATIX Project Management and Consulting Services
To choose Prodin as an Implementation partner for STRATIX, you will be provided with:
• A blueprint document of your business cases as a guideline for the implementation.
• Experienced business consultants within your line of business.
• Cost-efficient implementation with our implementation project approach.
• If necessary, a partner that provides document customization, STRATIX CSX development and integration services.


Alongside implementation we offer STRATIX helpdesk support.


Prodin provides the following services:
• Business Modelling
• Data Migration
• STRATIX Parameter Configuration & Setup
• Core Team Training
• End User Training
• Live Consulting Assistance
• Project Management/Administration
• STRATIX Document Customization
• Custom Reports
• STRATIX/CSX Application Development
• Third Party System integrations


For more information on STRATIX we would refer to the Invera website.


If you would like to know what STRATIX can do for your organisation, please contact us.